Kids love sports. Even starting as young as three years old, kids love the excitement. At Zytoon Montessori School, we see the benefits of sports for kids as it develops the kids in many ways. That is why we create time for our pupils to take part in sport activities weekly.


Sports generally takes hard work physically and mentally except if it is don ejust for the fun of it. No one develops in sports just a week or a month. It takes consistent hard work years to develop to the top level. This hard work will carry over to other areas of life, even college or career.

Fitness on and off the court is a daily routine for the top player. Developing good fitness and diet habits will last a lifetime and change a player for the rest of his/her life.

There are many health benefits to playing sports, such as staying physically fit and active. Additionally, studies show that those who played organized sports as children or teens were more likely to continue to engage in active behavior as adults.

The development of gross motor skills benefit children as well. Kicking and throwing a ball, running, and jumping are all often practiced in many sports. Gross motor skills are not only important for confidence and self-esteem while playing sports, but can also help with school-readiness.

Unfortunately, life is full of both success and failure. How should a players react when losing? How should he react when things aren’t going their way? These same lessons will help a child mature throughout his teen years.

Many players can practice well but can’t convert it to the match. The coach will teach the students what to think between points, how to react to good and bad points, how to handle conflict, and how to think clearly even in a pressure situation. This is vitally important for any career whether it be a job interview, a speech, or any other public job.

Engaging in team sports can improve a child’s self-esteem and boost their confidence. Rather than focusing attention or questioning on winning and losing, we focus on how much enjoyment our kids are receiving from playing a sport. This is really the most important factor that will contribute to confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally, even children who aren’t the ‘best’ or who don’t win often can still achieve great confidence by having a growth mindset (often taught from coaches or parents). What this means is that these children understand that with practice and effort, they can become stronger players. This mindset will serve children well not only in sports, but in the future at a workplace or school, as well.

As kids develop this growth mindset of focusing on effort and a desire to learn and grow, they also develop better sportsmanship, and are able to accept defeat, seeing it as just another opportunity to grow and improve.

Social skills such as teamwork and cooperation are also huge benefits of engaging in team sports. Kids learn how to work together, solve problems, take turns, and work as a team. Practicing and honing these skills will have great benefits later in life.

Another major social benefit for kids is feeling a sense of belonging. This team mentality is crucial for many kids who are still developing social skills. It gives many kids the chance to interact with their peers in a way that they might not otherwise do or feel comfortable with. In doing so, many children find the opportunity to become a leader of their team, developing this wildly important social skill, as well.

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