Creche – Playgroup: Zytoon Creche and Playgroup Class provides a stimulating introduction to the joys of learning at school. Children learn to play and socialize together while still having the security of their parent, or helper, close by. They are able to familiarize themselves with the school and its community. This is important as they get ready for joining nursery independently, once they reach two years of age. Expert teachers and our school nurse are on hand for advice regarding child development and health issues. We ensure high standards of safety and hygiene are met. Please make an appointment to see us in action.

Nursery – Kindergarten: We want the students in Nursery class to be confident, successful and have a sense of self and develop their independence. We recognize that each child is special and unique with their own individual needs, abilities and talents. This caring holistic environment is where the staff foster a warm nurturing learning atmosphere in partnership with parents. In so doing, we highlight and celebrate each child’s abilities, talent and success.

Supervised ably by our teachers, your child will be taught the simple, yet important aspects of life. That includes thinking creatively, making meaningful choices, taking responsibility and, interacting and working effectively with others.

Zytoon Montessori School offers a dynamic and supportive learning environment that is committed to the holistic development of all students. Students in the Primary are encouraged to become critical thinkers through the provision of a stimulating and enriched curriculum.

Zytoon Montessori School is committed to your child becoming an active, compassionate life-long learner. Your child will become part of a dynamic learning environment where they actively inquire and continually build on the understanding of the world and take responsibility for their learning.

Daily routines include literature, STEM, ICT, mathematics, science, social studies, Islamis studies, and character development all taught through an interactive and activity-based theme. Students also participate in extra-curricular activities including table games, swimmimg and table-tennis and more.

Elementary School facilities have been designed with children in mind, providing a safe environment while maintaining an open and inviting feeling.

Zytoon Montessori School Madrasah program aims to introduce to pupils the teachings of Islam and complement the knowledge gained in their Western lessons.

The Madrasah incorporates Islamic values in every aspect of life and its Core emphasis id the development of the spiritual side of the Students.

The program runs between 2:00PM and 4:00PM Monday through Friday and its objectives are to produse pupils who are able to;

  • Read, memorize and understand the teaching of Al-Quran and recite it with Tajweed
  • Say the basic Adhkars applicable to different situations as taught by our noble Prophet(SAW)
  • Read and write arabic texts and converse in basic arabic
  • Learn the basic Taweed, Fiqh, Ahdab, Aqlaq and Hadith and apply them in their daily endevours

Islamic Studies courses

  • Adhab, Adhkaar
  • Arobiyyah
  • Hadith, Fiqh, Tawheed, Seerah
  • Hifz, Qirah and Tajweed