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Our School is a community and everyone is a unique member— the founder, teachers, parents, and our beautiful students — each member contributing his/her individual uniqueness.

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Message from Proprietress

I know that it is the dream of parents to see their children become successful in life. While it is obvious that nobody can predict the future, God has committed the responsibilities of equipping these bundle of gifts with the right tools and knowledge they require to grow and attain the height of success that nature has destined them to be. Education with no doubt, is one of the citadels of greatness and quality education at a foundation level is a non-debatable tools in this regard.

As a parent with a passion for education, I must say that I share your passion and sentiment for a better future that you dreamt for your children and am completely sold out to partner with you in ensuring that we achieve this singular aim together. This is the reason Zytoon has been established to translate your dream of a better tomorrow into a reality for your children.

I have always known that one of the key qualities that enhances the emotional and cognitive development of a child is a learning environment where a pupil can experience quality Montessori education while being nurtured with values compatible with Islamic faith. Zytoon Montessori School is a brainchild of such dreams.

We are an early childhood Islamic inclusive school founded in August 2014 to essentially help your children discover their potentials, develop them cognitively and emotionally and deploy them into a multi-cultural society where they can compete favourably with their peers and become successful in whatever they do.

As a seasoned educator with a wealth of experiences, I understand the import of a good educational foundation and its impact on your child’s developmental goals. This is one of the reasons why our curriculum is structured by experts and taught with a systemic methods that promote mental excellence in your children.

I sincerely want to work with you in raising your child to become an adult you will be proud of in the near future. Your child is the leader of tomorrow, and preparation at Zytoon Montessori School guarantees the attainment of this potential.

Welcome once again to the Zytoon Community and do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter and share our link with families and friends.

Semiat Idris-Okuniyi (Mrs)
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