Apply to Zytoon

We want to see every student thrive at Zytoon. Candidates to Zytoon will demonstrate an interest in learning and a readiness to develop their talents. Students enrolled will study, practice and achieve in an academic environment. Students will be ready to learn and to engage with the faculty in the process of learning.


The Admissions Committee will carefully evaluate a student’s strengths as they relate to success at Zytoon. To gauge a student’s ability and assess achievement admissions testing will be administered by the school. Consideration will also be given to a student’s previous academic record, teacher recommendations, progress in school, personal attributes, and special interests and talents.

Ultimately, Zytoon is searching for curious and motivated students from all backgrounds who:

  • Understand the value of persistence and hard work
  • Show a natural aptitude for academics, art, music, dance, and/or athletics
  • Enjoy challenges and receive satisfaction from setting and meeting ambitious goals
  • Thrive in environments where curiosity and enthusiasm are appreciated and rewarded
  • Display unusual curiosity about themselves, others and the world around them
  • Plan on attending a reputable college

We highly encourage you to apply for admission if your child possesses these qualities. Once you have determined that Zytoon is a good fit, you can contact us